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About us



Sri Veda Vidhyalaya Nursery & Primary School, one of the best Xseed Method schools, is serenely located at the Thirukaduthurai village, of the picturesque Sri Veda Vidhyalaya at Karur, Tamilnadu, India.

Do you know?

Children do not grow like trees! the needs from the stage of seed to tree remain the same.

But children grow like butterflies, the needs from the stage of pupa to butterfly doesn’t remain the same. Like the colourful butterflies, each and every child is unique, the needs of the children differ at different stages.

To cater the needs of children in different stages like butterflies, Sri Veda Vidhyalaya School offers Xseed learning classrooms which follows the philosophy of Dr. Howard Gardner and Sri Veda Vidhyalaya School to CELEBRATE LEARNING where XSEED children ask more questions, write in their own words, complete their homework on their own, speak-up in class, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests.


SVV School, the child is our first priority; therefore, we work hard to ensure that every child feels like home when he or she comes to school. We are more than happy to provide the children with an ambience which ensures successful teaching and learning process. Comfortable classrooms, equipped with all necessary facilities, smart Class Room, Interactive learning,Touch & feel Concepts,Shapes learning ,Feel Sense, Setup Learning activities help us to provide quality education to your children.