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Club Activities

Club activity is an essential part of school life, giving an opportunity for the students to explore their talents.

    The following extra-curricular activities are performed through clubs:
  • » Dance
  • » Drawing
  • » Karate
  • » Yoga

These clubs meet on the weekends and are open to both middle and primary school students. These classes are designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests among the students.


The Dance room in the school building which facilitate the creative, aesthetic and artistic nurturing of the school children. Dance and Drama are an integral part of the School. Students perform dance at various school events, including the Annual Day and many more cultural events. Students are trained in various forms of classical and Western Dance.


Karate aims to build character, improve. Human behavior and cultivate modesty. One of the most ancient arts, Karate has been opted by the school as a regular course to develop bravery and self defense of students.


As yoga increases their physical & mental and spiritual growth it is encouraged for the children to make them to demonstrate at regular intervals.

Annual Day

The school annual day is when the students of our school are given a platform to show to the audience their skills and abilities. Once every year, the Annual Day will be celebrated where every student will perform in their respective interest areas

Festivals & Celebrations

To sensitize children about religions and to inculcate qualities of a true citizen, all festivals are celebrated with great fervour. Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Sports Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, Club Day, Cultural Day, Farewell Day etc., are celebrated in the School.