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The school building should be well planned, spaciously, functionally and with pleasing architectural features. The rooms of the building should be spacious and ventilated with all facilities like fans etc. While constructing a school building we must keep in mind the school buildings should have different facilities such a library,activity room, staff room, principal’s office, school office, multimedia room, conference room etc. along with assembly ground, playground etc.

The architectural design of the building is the most important feature. It should allow free movement in and out of classroom for students and teachers while it is often preferred that schools are housed in single storey building in urban areas due to non-availability of land; multi-storeyed buildings arc constructed for schools. There must be a transport facility to be arranged in the building for cycles, scooter etc.

Smart Class Rooms

Smart Class rooms also enables students to understand the subjects with ease and clarity and makes the whole class interactive and interesting. Each and every class room has inbuilt with a smart board for smart learning. The students are learning all the subjects with great enthusiasm through videos and pictures in their class room. With the help of advanced technology like 3d animation, high quality pictures, model worksheet etc, the students are able to understand thoroughly the conceptual learning by means of diagrams. This system of education encourages the student to develop their participation skill and interaction skill.

Experience for Students.

Teachers use digital resources such as


 Video Clips

 Simulated models to teach specific topics in smart class rooms. Smart class enables a Multi – sensory learning experience for Students.

Class Rooms

The school has well designed classrooms with essential teaching aids helping in students’ academic progress.

Computer Lab

Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum for the students . The Computer Lab has sufficient number of systems to provide the practical training to students on the system.

Activity Room

SVV School firmly believe that extracurricular activities should be an essential part of the entire schooling system. Such activities help children explore their talents and capabilities, which if discovered at an early age could lay the foundation for a highly fruitful and successful life. At SVV pre-primary children are taught in a playway method in bright colorful surroundings.